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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  May 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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forecast with chuck bell. beautiful day outside. there goes the sun up in our eastern horizon here early this morning. your weather headlines, either getting hot in here. may get to 90 for the first time. a little more humid tomorrow. we're still keeping an eye on the tropics for any potential developments in the monday/tuesday time frame. so keeping an eye on that for you. first thing this morning, though, a couple 50s on the map. 63 now at reagan national. rain chances pretty low. 30% or less for the d.c. metro into southern maryland. a little better chance out towards the shenandoah valley. so the next 24 hours look this way, a beautiful start this morning, a great evening outside. no more than an isolated rain chance early this morning. we'll be dry by tomorrow morning. want to show you a brand new problem that just popped up. talking about a brand new crash here
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braddock heights. this is eastbound lanes, do have report of a crash there. so 70 there between myersville and braddock heights. 70 overall really not looking so bad. 80 fingerboard road at park mills, sounds like that should be out of the way soon. and urbana, 95 at virginia, northbound you're on time at 26 minutes. travel times in ten. 6:01. and new this morning, we're learning that officials are not securing the perimeter, outsides of our nation's airports as well as they may be securing the inside. the associated press says there is an airport security breach once every ten days. megan mcgrath is live at ray began national with more. >> reporter: yeah, there a lot of security at the terminal. your baggage is screened and you have to go through security. but what with about the grounds of t a
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the outer perimeter of the airport. according to an investigation by the associated press, intruders breached fences and outer perimeters about once every ten day. look at the newspapers. dulles international, they had eight incidents. reagan national, one. bwi marshall, one incident. 34 breaches at the busiest airports last year. none involved trierrorism, buti. we talked to one traveler who says he hasn't thought about it, but, yeah, there this probably could be improvement. >> it's a weak spot, so that's what they will penetrate. so they need more. everything is considered inside, not outside. but outside
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trouble. >> reporter: and san francisco international airport had the worst record with 41 incidents. the last breach in our area actually happened last january here at reagan national. back to you. the fallout continues over the tsa and those long airport security lines. in just a few hours, a house subcommittee will hear from airport and airline representatives to get their opinion on the issue. this comes just a day after the head of the tsa testified about the agency's plan to get all of this under control. the tsa says it is making progress and has already managed to cut the lines at o'hare airport. and at the top of the hour on the "today" show, peter neffenger are will speak with matt lauer about his plans to ease the security lines. it is his first interview following his testimony wednesday on capitol hill. 6:03. today the man responsible for hurt willing two emts in this crash will be
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maryland state police say the man lost control of his truck back in february of 2015. officers say he hit two emts who were on the side of 495 helping another crash. both rescue workers have since received awards for their service. this morning a man is behind bars charged with trying to shoot police officers. police tried to arrest jonathan hemming on drug charges last week in gaithersburg. he resisted and pointed a homemade hand gun at the officers. that's when hemming was tased. officers later searched him and found two more guns. helpimming now faces attempted murder of a police officer. a former trump delegate will answer to child porn charges today. caleb bailey was indicted earlier this this month on charges of possessing and making child pornography and having unregistered machine guns and explosives. charles county deputies started tracking bailey back in february when they s
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will illegal explosives. just moments ago, president obama ended a news conference in japan and the race for the next u.s. president came up. he took the mode yum after a work session at the g7 economic summit. plb says the world counts on u.s. stability and many are surprised by donald trump's, quote, ignorance of world affairs. as for the democrats, the president again said he's not taking sides and wants the primary process to play out. now, tomorrow he visits hiroshima, the first sitting u.s. president to do so since the u.s. dropped an atomic bomb during world war ii. back to you. metro's board claire is taking a stand after a very strong directive from virginia's governor yesterday. governor mcauliffe signed an executive directive yesterday which promises to withhold metro's funding if safe
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standards. but chairman jack evans say they are focused on improving metro safety and he thinks threats are not immedianeeded. >> i have to stress how annoyed i'm starting to get by comments by people in office when this place went to wreck and ruin and did nothing. >> evans says met the stroe required by law to stop bus service or capital projects in any jurisdiction that withholds money. yesterday virginia, maryland and d.c. announced plans to create an oversight commission. could cameras on all montgomery county school buses become a reality? we'll find out after the school board votes on that issue today. back in 2014, cameras were installed on several county buses to catch driver whose illegally passed stopped school buses. the money generated by the $125 fines would help pay the $15.4 million needed to install the cameras. two of our best spellers will test their s
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bee finals. >> acalcul-c-a-l-c-u-l-i-a-c-a-. >> that is correct. >> j.j. chen jr. spelling -- in the semifinal are under. j.j. a fifth grader from bethesda. and another finalis an eighth grader. they take on the competition this morning at 10:00 at the gaylord national resort and convention center. if you're wondering -- oh, man. >> what it means? >> the writer put word in there. >> acalculia? >> it means a loss of ability to perform math calculations because of brain injury or disease. >> i feel like less of a grown up when i watch them. they just -- it's incredible what they do. >>
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spell check. >> there you go. use bracing for mosquito season with the threat of the zika virus. the local events in the day ahead to prepare you and your family. and debate about discipline in the classroom. punishment that has sparked an investigation. brand new delay on the green line. d'll haveetails and travel ♪ stand by me
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includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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getting toward move into memorial day weekend. still dry and most of the letme will stay dry today.toward move memorial day weekend. still dry and most of the metro will stay dry today. for your commute this morning, plenty of sunshine. temperatures near 60 this morning. that's open window
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sure. might be time for the ac coming home later today. traveling locally thorks big issue. quiet along e 95. and nationally only slow spots might be atlanta, st. louis and chicago later on today. break news in first 4 traffic. fingerboard road at park mills road, police say they had to cut somebody out of the car and this could take allege while before we're reopened. 80 is shut down both directions. you can take 85 instead. we are sending chopper to get pictures of this from above. 70 between myersville and braddock heights, the right lane getting by. green line dlis delays to green. 66 and 95 both looking good. 270 top of the beltway rolling along just fine. remember to listen
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fm when you hop in your car. a that's a barn sitting in the road. a tornado to blame for damaging at least 20 homes near the town of solomosolomon, kans. it moved at about 25 miles per hour. the national weather service says this is part of the same system that has been battering the plains for the past few days. the search is on for a man who robbed an area mom at gunpoint with her baby in the car. it happened around 5:00 tuesday on 4th street northwest. we're told the woman was unloading flowers when a man shoveded a gun in her face and grabbed her diaper bag. they were not hurt in the incident. we're learning that a violent attack agt
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lean count mcclean couple could have been worse. andrew schmuhl is accused of attack another lawyer and his wife after schmuhl's wife was fired from take lawyer's firm. detectives showed evidence found in schmuhl's getaway vehicle that included a taser, handgun, knife and automatic timer device. schmuhl's attorney is arguing that his client was high on prescription pills and did not know what he was doing. a new court battle is beginning in the death of freddie gray. two officers charged in his death are filing a lawsuit depends baltimore state's attorney marilyn mosby. they filed suit on the grounds of defamation and invasion of privacy. both face charges of in-vvolunty manslaughter. the officers claim mosby and other officials knowingly made false charges when they announced charges. attorneys say the statement as were made to stop the riot this is baltimored
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a teacher in utah is on administrative leave for an unorthodox way of punishing a student for talk in class. the student september this selfie to his mother after he says his teacher told him to put duct tape on his mouth. his mother says the teacher went too far. while the school district says the punishment shouldn't have been handled that way. >> there was potentially a handful of other students that were involved. we don't find the behavior appropriate at all. >> the student's other doesn't want the teacher to get fired, she just wants to make sure that it doesn't happen again. today we'll get an update on the zika virus from the director of the cdc. dr. frieden will discuss the latest research on the virus at the national press club. zika is spread primarily through mosquitos. locally officials are telling you how to prepare for a possible zika outbreak this
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summer. a town hall meeting will be held to answer your questions, it's at the dennis avenue health center in silver spring at 6:30. there will be an information meeting at the takoma park police department on maple avenue at the same time. brace yourself for some bumper-to-bumper traffic this memorial day weekend. aaa projects low gas prices will mean an extra 700,000 people traveling for the holiday. the volume is expected to be the second highest on record for memorial day and close to 90% of people plan to travel by car to their destination. expect to sea-paced lanes on i-95 as people head in and out of the d.c. area. travel experts say to save time, leave before noon today are on after 6:00 on friday. and starting today through monday, the usual road reversal times have changed, to pay at
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the true meaning of mem or ral day will be visible at arlington national cemetery starting today. more than 230,000 flags will be placed at every grave there. more than 1,000 old guard soldiers will place the stars and stripes starting at 1:00 this afternoon this honor of fallen military heros. this annual tradition has been happening since 1948. a great way for our current military members to pay tribute to those who fought and died before them. >> absolutely. and for those that have family members that have given their lives, we thank you very much for your family member's service to this country. 6:17 now on this thursday morning. we can see behind us the sun is up, shining brightly already, chuck. >> that's right. >> a sign of good things to come? >> i think so. sure will deal like summertime. another one of the great memorial day traditions here, rolling thunder. like 500,000 harleys headed into town for the weekend. one of my all-time favorites around here. get outside if you've n
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bridge, that is a sight to see. outside this morning, here is reagan national. all is quiet, but look at the line of folks dropping everybody off. remember to leave early if you're headed out of town at the airport. today will our first serious run at 90 degrees. i'm forecasting 89 today, but that could easily touch 90 degrees. hit and miss afternoon thunderstorms becoming a little more likely tomorrow than today. today the best chance is along i-81. so traveling down through the shenandoah valley, may want to have the umbrella. p a wet may, but an overall dry spring. it's rained nearly every day this honesty. but since march 1, we're still technically dryer than average. best chances for rain today, northern maryland, eastern west virginia and the shenandoah valley. rain chances around the metro and points south and east toward the bay and eastern shore will remain at 30% or less. tomorrow everyone moves up just a little bit in rain chances. right now, though, great way to start the day. 359 out in
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61 this edgewater. view over downtown washington, 50s outside the door in the outlying suburbs. we'll be near 08 befo80 before . some spots today could touch 90. great night for bshl. nats and cardinals, temperatures upper 80s. for tomorrow, another warm one with temperatures flirting with 90 degrees. here is your seven day forecast, it will be a warm holiday weekend. that is good news after all the cool cloudy weather we've been enduring. saturday dry, sunday mostly dry. a little better chance for rain late monday into tuesday of next week. tough morning on the roads. here is melissa mollett with the latest. breaking news in urbana, chopper just got over the scene. this is the overturned vehicle. 80 here fingerboard road is shut down at park mills road. you will want to do something else to get around this one. but it is a bad crash there. sounds like
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medevac on the scene at some point. your alternate, take 85 instead of 80. 70 between myersville, right lachb getting by. 6 before 123, slow there because of a crash. westbound 7 at bell honesty ridge road, again all lanes now open. big look at the beltway and all of the routes into town and out of town,o over all looking prety good. if you're headed out to the beach, you're looking good across the bay bridge as well. green line delays to greenbelt because of the earlier problem at branch avenue. more on the news in urbana coming up. new this morning, several pieces of debris found that could be part of the mystery surrounding a missing jetliner in malaysia. three possible plane parts could be linked to mh 370 after it
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crashed at sea with 239 passengers and crew in march of 2014. now, the malaysian government has not yet taken cuss at ttody these items. the unofficial start to summer means a lot of you will be out on the water. the steps to follow to keep you and your family safe on the boat this is summer. plus it's the video that has a lot of people talking this morning. a 7-year-old showing no fear as he attacks aparmeded gunman.
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numbers about underage drinking specifically among college students, this comes from substance abuse and mental health services administration. it says more than a million full-time college students 18 to 22 years ol drink alcohol on an average day. more than 700,000 use marijuana on an average day. water is a cool haven for main, but
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a boat, the u.s. coast guard recommends having a designated boat operator if about people on board will be drinking. it says to be prepared for bad weather, make sure your boat is equipped with safety gear. and wear those life vests p. it's not enough for them to be sitting th in a corner. >> make sure that you're wearing your vest. >> first responders says it's important that the life vest is coast guard-approved. in gaithersburg maybe you saw and heard city officials testing things for the fourth of july celebration. the city tried out a new location for the patriotic show. the city's i.t. department predicts where people can see the show and volunteers station themselves at the different stops to make sure the prediction is accurate. >> i love the sound of fireworks. there is something about it that shoots up in the air and then youhe
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and swirls. and then you see the beautiful lights. there is nothing quite like fire work show. and we put on one of the best in the area. >> the city wants to make sure the fireworks are visible from two miles away. that's why they stationed all the volunteers so they can tell us where to go to see them. >> still about a month away and already planning for it. doing more to keep pedestrians safe. the work being done to address the problems at d.c.'s most dangerous intersections. >> reporter: i'm tom sherwood. spa what is old, what is new and what you can expect in the next 40 years. i'll have the story coming up. and i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. radar showing a few showers already in parts of south western virginia marching up the shenandoah valley. will they impact your thurs
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chopper 4 over a bad roov
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80 shut down at park mills road. instead take 85. we're still closed. as we zoom over from 95 south after it the icc, brand new crash there, it is in the left lane. you can get by there on the right side. but we do have a crash slow things just a bit. 66 eastbound before 123, that crash slowing things, as well. prince george's county looking good, indian head highway, 228, crain highway, everything looking good. branch avenue, pennsylvania avenue as well. good morning, chuck bell. another nice one today. >> yes indeed, top down weather again for today. and the four things you need to know before you make your plan, more and more summerlike with each passing day. getting very close to 90 degrees both today and tomorrow. weekend will start dry, but then there is tropical moisture we may be dealing with towards
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hourly temperatures today up, up and away. we'll be mid to upper 80s. and if you're thinking about the beach, saturday looks like it will be near perfect. it's one of the most dangerous intersections in the district and mary cheh wants to see changes. we're talking about 14th street at columbia road in northwest. derrick ward joins us live from that intersection with details. >> reporter: what makes this t. so dangerous? the cars and traffic and pedestrians pedestrians. every year mary chaeh puts the list together of the most dangerous intersections.
6:32 am
voir, connecticut avenue, a lot of people take it and of course people going north and south on 14th. there are four other intersections that also have the dubious distinction and the council member will be touring those intersections with people from the department of transportation and public works to see what can be done an talking to folks about their experiences. we'll have more on that when it becomes available later today, but right the now, just take care at any intersection especially at this one. live in northwest, derrick ward, news 4. this 7-year-old starts throwing punches at an armed robbery suspect before he forces the little boy and his parents down to the floor. we'll show you another look here at this brave little boy. this is in montgomery county where police tell us two men robbed a gamestop on friday night. after they pushed the boy and his parents to the floor, police say they got away with cash from the register.
6:33 am
xwhag they probably didn't expect from that little boy. the boy's parents say they want the two locked up. they tell us their son is upset and he hasn't put down the stuffed animal that the tostore manager gave him. >> he considers it something that helps keep him safe. he carries it with him everywhere he goes now. he takes care of it like it's his own child. it's become, you know, a bit of a lucky charm. >> police have asking for your help. if you know who they are, call police. later today a hearing on mayor muriel bowser's plan to raise the minimum wage to $15. activists will urge the council and mayor to expand the plan to include tipped workers. the mayor's proposal is the third time in recent months that legislation has been proposed or enacted to raise the minimum wage.
6:34 am
and you can get food truck licenses today. vendors must have that in order to operate in the city. happy birthday, the smithsonian air and space humusm is turning 40. and tom sherwood tells us how it's still changing. >> reporter: 40 years ago here at the national air and space museum. then gerald ford opening the museum. its mission, tell the stunning story of flight. >> wright brothers flew 1903 and 60 years later we're walking on the moon. >> reporter: john daily has directed the museum 17 years. he's overseeing major overhauls and planning a big party july 1 to celebrate the 40th the an virsry. the iconic mooum will get a facelift to replace its aging and cracking tennessee pink stone work. but it's still the inside that
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counts. tom sherwood, news 4. > local employers are looking to hire military spouses. the hiring our heros job fair will be in ft. belvoir. the fair runs from 10:00 to 1:00. a recent study found 42% of military spouses are unemployed as compared to 25% of spouses nationwide. in a couple of hours, we'll learn about a major donation to help build an armed services memorial. organizers say they have been working on the planned memorial since 2010. this announcement will happen during an armed services will memorial kickoff breakfast and will be on facebook. promising to improve service. the changes being made by the tsa as we get a better idea just how many passengers have been impacted by the long lines. breaking news in frederick county, a ma
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metro. details ahead. plus saving money where you can. what the average shopper saves when you buy
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vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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welcome back. we all like to save money when we go shopping and more often that means buying the store brands not the name brand. marketing experts say some stores use their open brands for one fifth of their products. they say those store brand products with save you 10% to 20% and those savings and how many space those products take up are even bigger at stores like aldi and costco. do you care store brand, regular? >> for some things. i do notice a slight difference in taste so if i like one particular brand over
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>> but i'll eat anybody pea hut butter. and i don't need twinge kiss. i'll at that time ttake the gol. >> that's different. a check of your weather because just like that, we go there cold and rainy to almost summer like temperatures, chuck. >> no kidding. we made a quick turn on the corner from what was a chilly start to the month and now we have a little fog outside early this morning. lowest visibility in frederick, maryland at only 1 mile and only 1 1/2 in culpeper. so be on the lookout for foggy spots. otherwise your school day forecast off to a quiet and mild start. 63 pe bat the bus stops. afternoon temperatures getting up close to 90, so we are back to shorts and t-shirts. coming up in ten minutes, not only your "7-day forecast," but also beach and boating forecast. don't want to miss that. breaking news right now, again here i
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80 fingerboard road, we're still shut down there at park mills road. take 85 instead. hoping this will be out of the way soon. the tow truck is on the scene here this morning. 95 south after the icc crash there in the left lane, and then just got this in, inner loop the express lanes here sounds like we had a crash and now a big problem here in the springfield area inner loop trying to get more information on that one as far as what exactly is blocked. green line delays to greenbelt, earlier problem at branch avenue. right now overall travel times looking pretty good. germantown down to the spur is okay. top of the beltway is allege bit slow there this morning. 66 inbound a little behind. 95 north about ten minutes behind. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. >> reporter: intruders breaching security perimeters at airports. how often does it happen? a live report coming up. and new developments overnight out of new york city. after someone starts shooting at
6:42 am
keeping a closer eye on drivers around school buses. why the number of bus cameras could increase this coming school year. dwl plus the local kids that still have a chance to be be the nation's top speller.
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15 before the hour. right now we're
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new information about the security of our nation's airports. new numbers showing us the number of security breaches we've seen this airports in our region. it's one of the stories we're working on to get you up to the minute the minute you're up. first chuck bell. off to a beautiful quiet start here early this morning. temperatures are in the upper 50s and low 60s now, but it is going to get toasty warm today. today may be our first 90 degree day of the year. tomorrow might be the second. your "7-day forecast" coming up in just six minutes. brand new problem on the bay bridge. inner loop at spreingfield interchange shut down causing a major mess. details coming up. new this morning, there is a new report out about security at airports. megan mcgrath live at reagan national now with all the details. >> reporter: when you go to the terminal,
6:46 am
you have to go through checkpoints, your baggage will be screened. but what about the security of the grounds, the airport perimeter so perimeter? what is to go on there is this according to an investigation guy the associated press, intruders breach fences and the outer perimeters about once every ten days. let's take a look at the numbers here locally at our three airports. at dulles international, there were eight breaches. at reagan national, there were two breaches. at bwi marshall, one breach. now, the a.p. looked at data over the last ten years, they found 345 breaches in 31 of busiest airports across the country. none of the incidents appeared to have involved terrorism. san francisco, they had the worst record with 41 of these incidents. the last breach in our area happened here at reagan national and that was back in january. everyone involved in
6:47 am
apprehended by airport authorities. back to you. the troubles at the tsa will once again be the focus of a hearing on capitol hill. a house subcommittee will hear from a representative there american airlines about the effects of those long security lines. more than 70,000 passengers missed flights because of security delays this year alone. that is just on american airlines. the tsa says that it is testing new automatic hated systems to speed up the lines. and in just a few minutes, tsa administrator peter neffenger will speak exclusively with matt lauer about his plans to ease the security lines. this is miss first interview following his testimony wednesday. today a man convicted of crashing into a pair of emts will learn his sentence. he last control of his truck back in february of 2015 and ran
6:48 am
on the side of 495 helping with another crash victim. both rescue workers have both since received awards for their service. a man is behind bars charged with trying to shoot police officers. police tried to arrest jonathan hemming on a drug charge last week in gaithersburg. he resisted and pointed a homemade handgun at officers. that's when hemming was tased. hemming now faces several charges including attempted murder of a police officer. we have an update right now to a breaking news story that we told you about first last night. we've learn that had overnight a man died from a shooting at a concert venue, this happened in this morning. t.i. was supposed to perform at union square. police say there was an argument there before he went on. shall somebody started shooting and a 33-year-old man was killed. three other people were shot and at least one of them is in critical condition right now. a former trump delegate could spend decades behind bars. caleb bailey will be i
6:49 am
to answer to child porn charges. he was indicted earlier on the porn charges and also on charges of having unregistered machine guns and explosives. bailey lives in charles county. deputies started tracking him back in february when they say he tried to ship illegal explosives. president obama is set to meet again with world leaders in japan at the g7 summit. in a few minutes he will take part this in a work dinner that closed to the media. here is a look at the family photo there. he finished with reporters and spoke about the race for the next u.s. president. obama says world leaders are rattled by donald trump because he displays, devote, ignorance and cavalier attitude. now, all eyes on the president over
6:50 am
semifinal round. she's an eighth grader. and another final list j.j. chen jr. from bethesda, they will take on the competition in the finals this morning at 10:00 a.m. at national harbor if maryland. if you're wondering, it means glowing or glittering. >> i would have just moved along. way over my head. >> big brains on those kids. >> cute kids with big brains. the best combination because you don't expect a kid who is 7 or 8 to spell some 17et
6:51 am
they're impressive. >> outside today, it will be ho h-o-t. and sizzli-i-z-z-l-i-n-gs-i-z-z. well, we'll say scissors liizzle 100 degree days. last year we had 52 days 90 degrees or hire. today may be the first time we get to 90. last time we were at 90 or better was september 9 of last year. so it has been a while in the waiting. outside for today, our first potential run at 90. hit and miss chances for rain today and tomorrow. might be more of a hit tomorrow. here is the reason why. showers ploss onlying across parts of central and southern west virginia will try to make their way up the shenandoah valley during the course of the day. here is our updated high resolution computer model. keeps the metro area dry but during the afternoon today, there could be his and mi
6:52 am
ridge along i-81. so that's where the best chance for an isolated shower may be. over over all 30% or less. great night for baseball. it will be warm. # 88 on your way down. headed down to the beach will this weekend, saturday and sunday look just great. a better chance of a rain shower on memorial day itself. here is your "7-day forecast." 89 today and tomorrow. might very well touch 90. we'll let you know tonight. doug will at 5:00 and 6:00. weekend looks great. memorial day, though, a little bit of a rain challenge coming our way. speaking of challenging, more on the commute. breaking news, we are shut down eastbound bay bridge route 50 there, we are closed on the bay bridge for police activity. if we can lose this graphic at the bottom for just a minute, you can see traffic completely stopped eastbound bay bridge. this is a major problem obviously for anybod h
6:53 am
the delays. we will keep you updated. we just pushed it out on the nbc washington app, as well. 95 south after the icc, crash in the left lane. seems to be getting better here this morning. overall prince george's county, 301, branch avenue, pennsylvania avenue, indian head highway, 228, everything there looking very typical. no incidents being reported. 66 slow inbound there near 123 because of that earlier crash. 95 north this woodbridge is close. inner loop at the springfield interchange, pretty slow, as well because the express lanes blocked with a crash. 80 fingerboard road at park mills, still closed. take 85 instead. you can see the purple here means we're not getting any traffic data at all. that is even worse than red. 270 southbound at honest tromop montrose light. green line
6:54 am
decide whether nearly 1300 school buses will get cameras. money collected from fines would help fay tpay the $15.4 million needed to install the cameras. metro's board chairman is firing back after virginia governor terry mcauliffe threatened to withhold money from the system. mcauliffe signed an executive directive yesterday which promises to withhold metro's funding if the rail agency can't meet the safety standards. but chairman jack evans says he's frustrated that some lawmakers are not letting system's new leaders do their job. >> withholding money and other threats are not helpful. paul is much more diplomatic. he won't say thinking. i am not. i find offensive and i would say this to the governor and anybody else. >> evans says there could be consequences for jurisdictions that withhold
6:55 am
to stop bus service or capital projects in those jurisdictions. happening today, mary cheh will lay out the changes she wants to see at one of the city's most dangerous intersection. her focus is 14th street at columbia road and that's where we find derrick ward with what we can see out of her investigativisit today. >> reporter: this is just one of the spots. there are also four other intersections designated as the most dangerous in the city. she will be touring those intersections with people from the department of transportation, public works to see what they can do to make them safer, considering all the cross town traffic that you get here and the influx of pedestrians, so you can understand why. and this desk natiignation is bn accidents and volume. about an hour, hour and a half, she's aexpected to unveil the
6:56 am
back to you. i'm landon dowdy. survey by the feds shows most americans say their household finances improved last year, but nearly half say they struggled to cover a $400 expense? an emergency and the fed conducted the survey first back in 2013 to check how americans are recovering from the recession and to identify. with your morning business report, landon dowdy. tofour things to know, soldiers will place more than 230 million flags at arlington national cemetery. and a tornado crushed at least 20 homes in kansas last night. good news is that nobody was hurt. right now the nypd is looking for whomever started that shooting at a manhattan concert venue where t.i. was supposed to perform. four were shot, one died overnight. a new report says there is a security breach at an airpo
6:57 am
in 2015, dulles had eight breaches, reagan national had two and bwi marshalled a one. and breaking news bay bridge, eastbound we are shut down this morning for police activity. they are not moving at all, guys. nothing is getting through. those backups really are building here this morning. you will have to wait to leave. >> plain and simple. all right. p that is the news for today. >> the "today" show is next.
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good morning. breaking overnight, a monster tornado in kansas a half mile wide, on the ground for an hour and a half. at least 25 homes damaged or destroyed. we'll be live at that scene. the waiting game. beleaguered agency under fire with long lines at airports, tsa chief nefenger gets a grilling on capitol hill. >> this is unacceptable and it's time for congress to act. >> can he get things moving without compromising safety? admiral nefenger is here for an exclusive interview. president obama's


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